The Mozilla Open Source Community

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Open Source is an idea where the source code for computer programs should be made freely available to users. Being freely available (the operative word being free) means products that are open source are not sold; instead they are given away.

We do, however, have to pay a price. Perhaps if we are technically competent, we might contribute to the various projects such as Firefox and Thunderbird. Or we might make a monetary contribution or help with fundraising, evangelizing, marketing, or designing icons. The Mozilla Organization does have employees who must be paid, and that funding has to come from somewhere. Think of this as a public broadcasting pledge drive: Please contribute whatever you can. It is important.

The Mozilla community is worldwide. Developers from virtually every country work on these projects. The common language is English, although some countries have organized groups with their own languages. If you are bilingual, consider working on a translation of one of the Mozilla products. Many locale-specific versions already exist, but there is always room for more.

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