Automating Tasks in Photoshop

As youve seen so far in this chapter, you can get a lot done in Photoshop by using keyboard shortcuts. But if you use Photoshop extensively, you may want to drive your efficiency to a new level by taking advantage of the following features that Photoshop offers for automating your work:

  • Actions Actions are roughly equivalent to macros in many other applications and can provide great power and flexibility. You cant record every Photoshop command in an action, but you can record many of them. You can also insert stops in your actions to allow you to perform operations that cant be automatedfor example, an edit that needs to be customized to the image in question.

  • Droplets After creating an action, you can create a droplet from it to give you an easy way of performing the action. A droplet is a miniature application that runs the action. You can save a droplet on your desktop so that its easily available.

  • Batch processing You can use Photoshops Batch command (File Automate Batch) to perform an action or set of actions on one or more folders or files.

  • External automation You can use Windows Automation feature (formerly called Object Linking and Embedding, or OLE) or Mac OSs AppleScript programming language to automate procedures in Photoshop from another application. For example, on the Mac, you might write an AppleScript that you could invoke from Apples iPhoto application to make Photoshop perform a series of actions on the specified image or images. On Windows, you might use Automation from another application to make Photoshop perform batch-processing of images.

Adobe Creative Suite Keyboard Shortcuts
Adobe Creative Suite Keyboard Shortcuts
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