Introduction to Novell Clients

Introduction to Novell Clients

On a NetWare network, workstations traditionally use special Novell client software to access NetWare servers. (Workstations are often called clients because they request services from the network.) This client software enables the workstation to communicate with the network. However, Netware 6.5 continues its move away from a monolithic client, and toward clientless services and small service-specific clients. Web-based management, iFolder, iPrint, and Native File Access are just a few ways that NetWare 6.5 lets you move your network in this direction.

Does that mean the Novell client is no longer necessary? Absolutely not. The Novell client is still required for advanced authentication and many administrative tasks associated with NetWare and Novell eDirectory. So, although you might not automatically install the Novell client on every workstation, you will still need it for several aspects of your network's operation.

This chapter explains how to install and configure the traditional Novell client software on the both Windows 9x and Windows 2000/XP workstations. This chapter describes how to use the Automatic Client Upgrade (ACU) feature to simplify the process of upgrading numerous workstations to the latest NetWare 6.5 client software. It also explains how to remove the client software, should that become necessary.


Novell no longer offers a client for DOS or Windows 3.1x. Similarly, the NetWare client for Macintosh, available alternatively through Novell and third-party partners , is no longer available. However, NetWare 6.5 supports Mac users through the Native File Access Pack, described later in this chapter.

In addition to the traditional Novell client software, Novell has collected other modular client pieces on the NetWare 6.5 client's CD-ROM. These include the NICI client, the NMAS client, and the NetDrive client. This chapter will present overviews and installation procedures for these client pieces. This chapter also discusses Novell Native File Access Pack (NFAP), a clientless file access option for NetWare 6.5 that can eliminate the need for the traditional NetWare client for some network users.

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