InstallingUpgrading the Novell Client

Installing/Upgrading the Novell Client

Two Novell clients are available: one for Windows 9x and one for Windows 2000/XP. Novell client files can be accessed directly from the Novell client's CD-ROM, or copied to any convenient location, such as a network server, for installation by any client with existing network access.

Use the Novell Client Upgrade Agent to periodically check for updated client files. When updates are found, the Upgrade Agent will automatically start the client upgrade routine.

If you are upgrading multiple existing Novell or Microsoft clients for NetWare 6.5, you can use the Automatic Client Upgrade (ACU) feature to automate this process. Place ACU commands in a profile or container login script to detect whether the client software needs to be installed, and then the ACU updates the workstation automatically, if necessary, when the user logs in.

To install the Novell client from a Web server, copy the client files to the Web server and use the WRITEIP utility to create a SETUPIP executable that will download the Novell client install files from the Web server and will launch the client install routine.

Configuring the Novell Client

Once installed, you can configure the Novell client by using the Novell client property pages. Right-click the red N icon in the system tray and select Novell Client Properties.

To configure the login for a Novell client user, create a login script. Login scripts can be associated with Container, Profile, and User objects. A login script can control what happens when a user logs in to your Novell network. For information and syntax on login scripts, see Appendix B, "NetWare Login Scripts."

The NICI Client

NICI Client v2.6 ships with NetWare 6.5. The NICI client (Novell International Cryptographic Infrastructure) provides cryptographic services to all client-side applications and services, including Deployment Manager, Native File Access, Novell Modular Authentication Service (NMAS), Certificate Server, and ConsoleOne, when installed on a local workstation.

Integrating NMAS Client

Novell Modular Authentication Services (NMAS) allow you to supplement or replace the traditional Novell password-authentication mechanism with alternative mechanisms such as SmartCards, tokens, and biometrics.

  • The NMAS client provides a framework within which authentication methods can be configured and integrated with Novell eDirectory to provide a flexible and seamless authentication process.

  • The NMAS client can be installed from the Novell client's CD-ROM.

Novell NetDrive lets you map a drive to any server without using the traditional Novell client.

  • With NetDrive, you can access your files on any server and modify them through standard Windows utilities such as Windows Explorer.

  • The NetDrive client can be installed from the Novell client's CD-ROM.

NetWare 6.5 offers a way to access the NetWare file system using a workstation's native file access protocols.

  • NFAP supports Windows CIFS, Apple AFP, and Unix/Linux NFS.

  • NFAP is a core service of NetWare 6.5, and is installed automatically during the NetWare 6.5 installation.

Novell frequently updates its client software. Check on the Novell Support Web site's software download page at for the latest versions of the NetWare clients.

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