DSCAT Contextless Login Tab


  • Default Value: OFF

  • Range: ON, OFF

  • Description: Check this box to enable contextless login. Contextless login makes it possible to log in to the network without specifying an eDirectory context. Contextless login requires the catalog and dredger services to be configured on a NetWare server and will not work without this preparation.

Wildcard Searching Allowed

  • Default Value: OFF

  • Range: ON, OFF

  • Description: Available only if the contextless login is enabled. If enabled, a user can use wildcards in the username, rather than having to enter the entire username. For example, a user with the username JHARRIS could enter JHAR* as the search string.

Search Timeout (Sec)

  • Default Value: 2 (seconds)

  • Range: 0999 seconds

  • Description: Specifies that maximum amount of time that you want the Novell Login to search eDirectory for the specified user. If your searches are timing out before the user is located, increase this setting to allow more time. However, setting this value too high will create extended delays when searching for an invalid or unavailable user.

Tree/Catalog Key Pair

  • Default Value: N/A

  • Range: N/A

  • Description: During a login session, usable catalogs are automatically found. You can specify tree and catalog pairs to force contextless logins to use a specific catalog for each tree in the list. For each tree/catalog pair, there will be a string value with the name of the tree and the value of the catalog.

Novell NetWare 6. 5 Administrator's Handbook
Novell NetWare 6.5 Administrators Handbook
ISBN: 0789729849
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 172

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