Several people have played an important role in this book coming to life:

  • Ron Hansen and Michael Davidson who gave me my first job teaching Adobe Photoshop at the Art Institute of Washington.

  • Ben Kozuch who believed in me enough to let me teach Photoshop to a room full of media professionals.

  • Scott Kelby and the other instructors and staff of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals for their inspiration and support.

  • Megan Cunningham for the intro-duction and Marjorie Baer for her interest and support in the book.

  • Becky Morgan for challenging me to write the best book possible and Anne Marie Walker for guiding me through the process and fixing my flaws.

  • Susan Rimerman and her team for crafting a book that is clean, professional, and useful.

  • To James Ball, Jim Tierney, and Abba Shapiro, thank you for your generous gift of photos.

  • To my many students through the years, thanks for the challenges and the motivation.

Understanding. AdobeR PhotoshopR. Digital Imaging Concepts and Techniques
Understanding Adobe Photoshop: Digital Imaging Concepts and Techniques
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