Importing a PowerPoint Presentation

Bringing a PowerPoint presentation into Keynote allows you to modify and edit the content. The conversion process is as easy as opening a file.


If Keynote is not already running, launch it.


Choose File > Open.


Navigate to the file 04Almonic Senior Investments.ppt.


Click Open.

Keynote converts the file and names it "Untitled." The original PowerPoint document remains unmodified on your hard drive.


Choose File> Save As and name the file 04Presentation Stage 01.key and save it to your hard drive.

You need to resize the new document to optimize it for the screen. The converted PowerPoint file imported into Keynote at 720 x 540 pixels. This is an uncommon size, and it is better to choose a more standard resolution to match a projector.


Select the Document Inspector.


Click the Slide Size menu and choose 1024 x 768.

Your slides scale up to match the new size.


Press Command-S to save your document.


On the DVD, you'll find a PDF file called 04Almonic Senior Investments PPT Slides.pdf that you can open for reference. This document shows you how the slides looked when originally created in PowerPoint. Additionally, your Mac may have shipped with a trial version of Microsoft office. You can open the original document on the DVD (04Almonic Senior Investments.ppt) using Microsoft PowerPoint as well.

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