Lesson 4. Converting a PowerPoint Presentation

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This lesson takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.


Import a PowerPoint presentation into Keynote


Use Pages to convert a Word document into an iWork-compatible format and add it to a Keynote presentation


Modify and enhance imported content


Use timings and automatic builds


Add comments


Customize Presenter mode


Rehearse the presentation

Keynote has been built from the ground up to take advantage of the many powerful graphics features in OS X. Many professional presenters have switched to Keynote for its rich media playback abilities and expert handling of text and bullet animation. Despite all of these benefits, not everyone uses Keynote. It's thus important that Keynote be compatible with other presentation methods.

Keynote allows you to enhance charts and use 3D space to improve their look.

Keynote can export both PDF and PowerPoint files, so you can easily share your Keynote presentations with people using these other applications. Even more important, you can open an existing PowerPoint document and enhance it with the many features of Keynote. This allows you to take an existing presentation and modify it further or work with a template. The conversion process is relatively easy, and the vast majority of features import. Most important, the data and text are editable so you can continue to modify your presentation. In this lesson, you will modify an existing PowerPoint presentation. You'll modify slides and content to improve the overall appearance of the presentation.

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