Lesson 2. Adding Media to Your Presentation

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This lesson takes approximately 1 hour to complete.


Understand supported media types


Create an album in iPhoto


Export a GarageBand song


Create an MP3 file in iTunes


Export a video file from iMovie


Optimize a video for playback in Keynote


Add photos, audio, and video from the Media Browser window

Although text is often the most important part of a presentation, it is the supporting media that can truly make a presentation special. Keynote supports a wide variety of media formats, including formats for graphics, sound, and movies. The heart of this graphic support is QuickTime, the versatile media player on your Mac. In fact, if you can open a file in QuickTime, you can use it in Keynote. This great flexibility makes it easy for you to design enhanced presentations.

While Keynote supports several formats, some work better than others. Also, by optimizing your files, you can make your presentation files smaller, allowing smoother playback and easier portability. Fortunately, preparing your files is easyyou have all the tools you need on your Mac by default. By harnessing the friendly, flexible iLife applications, you can get the job done.

Keynote allows you to browse your iLife media libraries.

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