Cleaning Up the Slides

Even though your text is entered, your slides can benefit from a little touchup to the formatting. It is important to polish your layout to create a professional-looking presentation. Select the bulleted text to make it active before you get started.


Switch to the Text Inspector and click the Text button; then click the "Align text to top of table cell, text box, or shape" button to fix the text block.


Drag the bottom edge of the text block toward the top to make the box smaller.


Adjust the point size of all elements so they are readable. Do not make text too large or text will be clipped (if you see the plus symbol, your text is too large).


Adjust the size of the bullet to taste.

You should now have cleaned up slides 2 and 3. If you like, you can clean up all of your slides, or you can open the file 01Presentation1_Stage3.key and use it for the remainder of this lesson.

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