Adding a Table

Slide 7 contains information on the cost of travel and lodging. This slide needs to be updated to present the information cleanly. You can use a table to do this task quite nicely.


Select slide 7 in the slide organizer.

You need a different slide layout to better accommodate a table.


Click the Masters button in the toolbar and choose Title Top.


Select the text in the title and press Command-B to make it bold.


Choose Insert > Table to add a table to the slide or click the Table button in the toolbar.

Keynote automatically switches to the Table Inspector and adds a 3 by 3 table to your slide.


Select the Header Row check box.

A new row is added to the top of the table.


In the Columns field, enter 4.


Resize the table by dragging the handles at the corners or in the center of each edge. Make it fill the bottom area of the slide.

Use alignment guides to check whether the table is centered horizontally.

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