Creating a One-Sheet

By now you should feel confident about designing complex layouts using Pages. To test your skills, you can create a one-sheeta one-page piece that could be sent to venues, newspapers, and radio stations to provide information about the band.

The steps in this task will get you started. From there, you can build upon the skills you've learned in this lesson to complete the project on your own. The goal is to achieve a complex design using several images and text blocks.


Create a new document and choose the Blank option. Then choose View > Show Layout.


In the toolbar, click the Columns button and choose 2 Columns.


In the Document Inspector, change the Margins as follows:

  • Left: 0.5 in

  • Right 0.5 in

  • Top: 0.62 in

  • Bottom 0.62 in

  • Header 0.3 in

  • Footer: 0.3 in


In the Layout Inspector, deselect the Equal column width check box and modify the width of the two columns:

  • Column 1: 2.4 in

  • Column 2: 4.9 in

  • Gutter between columns 1 and 2: 0.2 in


Open the file onesheet text.txt in the Lesson 08 folder and copy its contents to the clipboard and close the document. Return to Pages and click in the first column; then paste the text.


Locate the words THE NADAS LISTEN THROUGH THE STATIC near the bottom of the first column. Click to place the insertion point before the text.


Choose Insert > Column Break.


Choose File > Save and name the file Nadas Onesheet Promo.


Open the file 08Nadas Onesheet Promo_Final.pages in the Lesson 08 folder. Using this file as a guide, complete the layout.

There are still many steps to complete, but you've learned them all already in this lesson.

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