Editing Image Placeholders

You've added the story and headlines to the first page of the newsletter; now it's time to insert the photos. You can add images to your Pages document in several ways (including using the Media Browser, which functions just as it does in Keynote; see Lesson 2.) If you have not added your photos to your iPhoto library, then you'll need to manually navigate to them. So you know how to use both techniques, you'll choose to use the Insert command.


Select the large photo on page 1 (the one of the woman on a red background).


Choose Insert > Choose to select the file that you want to insert into your document.


Navigate to your Lesson 07 folder. Open the Artwork folder and choose the file 01 Cover.tif; then click Insert.

The photo is scaled and added into your page layout. The photo also is cropped to match the shape defined in the template. You can modify this image however.


Double-click the image to display the hidden portion of it.

iWork uses masks to hide portions of an image without permanently deleting them. Masks allow you flexibility when altering the shape of an image.


Drag the corners of the image to make the image larger. Size and reposition the image so it is better cropped.

For instance, the image shows too much of the windows at the top (you can use the following image as a guide). Cropping helps focus the viewer on the important parts of an image.


Double-click the image to return it to just showing the masked image.


Save your document.

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