Believe It

A persistent person always gets what he or she wants, so never stop believing in yourself and striving to achieve your goals. Remember that nothing in the world can stop the success of a person who has dogged determination. In the game of life, persistence and purpose are power twins that remain undefeatedif you begin to adopt these qualities in your own life, you cant help but see your goals begin to manifest.

When Harold chose to leave high school to enlist in the Navy, for instance, he dreamed that all of his children would have the opportunity to attend college. Throughout his life he often held down several jobssometimes working all day and all nightto make ends meet. Yet when times got tough, Harold never gave up. He was persistent in achieving his goals, which were providing for his family and making sure that his children had the opportunities he never had. Everything he wanted eventually came to him, because he never gave up, caved in, or quit.

Persistence is remaining focused on the task at hand, no matter whats going on around you. Harold could have easily thrown in the towel from the stress and pressure he was facing , but it was his ability to look adversity in the face that helped him continue to press toward the mark and ultimately succeed in life.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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