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Think of what you want to do, for whom, for what purpose, and how youre going to do it. Then get a plan together to determine what you want to ultimately get out of your goals. Planning is critically important when youre fulfilling your destiny, so carefully calculate the steps you must take to realize your dreams. Factor in the extra things you may need to do to be the best at what youve been called to be. For example, maybe you need to take a class or read books that will help give you the extra edge and information you need to succeed. Examine your strengths and weaknesses, as well as the gifts and talents youve been blessed with, which are all clues to Gods divine plan for your life. When challenges, setbacks, or negative thoughts get in the way, consider them as mere pebbles in your path. Even when people try to block your progress, walk in love toward them and trust that the path youre on is true. Just keep stepping over anything that gets in the way of your fulfilling your destiny.

Destiny is the path and direction God has prepared for you. All the experiences youve had in lifeboth good and badhave happened in order to help propel you into your ultimate outcome. When you allow vision, faith, commitment, and action to come together, youll be able to successfully reach your goals and fulfill your destiny.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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