This book will clearly show you how having the right attitude is one of the master keys for successful living. You see, your attitude affects all of your interactions as well as the outcome of everything you doso a positive attitude will help you navigate successfully through life, while a negative one will cement you into destructive patterns that doom you to failure.

The words you say fuel your attitude, so you must intentionally select helpful language in order to create the right conditions to attract success. If, after you make a mistake, you tell yourself, I never do anything right, chances are good that youll fail in your next attempt as well. However, if you see that youve made an error and instead say, I make good decisions, and I learn something new from each one, youll grow stronger through your life experiences. We all make mistakes now and thenif we didnt, we wouldnt be doing anything at allbut our attitude toward those mistakes is what determines whether or not they become setbacks or opportunities to grow.

When you realize the impact that certain words have over your life, you can choose powerful language rather than depleting, defeating terminology. And when you speak those empowering words, youll gradually start to create the quality of life you desire . Yes, words alone are the guide to success.

During the past two decades, Ive traveled around the country delivering keynote speeches for a wide variety of organization, and in the process, Ive had the privilege to talk to thousands of successful individuals from many walks of life. I noticed that all of them, without exception, repeatedly used words that they associated with their success and winning attitudes. I took notes and discovered 30 key terms these high-profile people used again and again. My feeling is that an empowering word for each day of the month will help give you the attitude tune-up needed for success. In this small volume, Ive compiled those 30 key wordsalong with definitions, affirmations, personal anecdotes, insights, and daily quotes to motivate you to put these potent ideas into action.

In these rapidly changing, technology-driven times, many of us cant find the time to sit for a few minutes to be quiet, tap in to our inner spirits, relax, and unwind. With your hectic schedule, you may find it difficult to read even one chapter of the latest bestselling book on self-improvement or listen to your favorite motivational tape in an effort to refocus and find balance. Yet, ironically enough, such daunting daily demands make you need a word of inspiration or encouragement or a useful quote even more anything to redirect your thinking, lift your spirits, center you, and get you back on course.

So, this book was written with your tight schedule in mind. Instead of trying to feed you a seven-course meal when you only have time for a small snack , I will give you juicy morsels of wisdom, a bite at a time, so you can learn tools to counteract your doubt-producing inner dialogue. Each morsel delivers knowledge and energy to help you navigate through challenging times.

When you find that youre in a hurry, yet you need that word, quote, or something to boost your attitude or self-esteem, pick up this book. Your answer, your motivation, your inspirationyour word toolsare within these pages. All the stories presented here are true, although some of the names have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved. And after you read this book, you can add in your own true story of success!

Remember that attitude is everything and the key to success is to say it, believe it, and receive it.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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