Attitude Is Everything for Success - Say It, Believe It, Receive It

Keith D. Harrell


Carlsbad, California

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Harrell, Keith D.
Attitude is everything for success : say it, believe it, receive it / Keith D. Harrell.
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ISBN 1-4019-0201-4


1st printing, January 2004

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This book is dedicated with the greatest love and affection to my family and friends for their love, support, and encouragement. And most important, to God for giving me everything ”life, knowledge, wisdom, and the ability to do His work.


I was blessed to have the help and support of many talented people to whom I want to express my sincere thanks:

To my wonderful staff, Donna Cash and Deborah Johnson, for all their help and support.

To Jill Kramer and Shannon Littrell, my editors, for their insight and expertise; as well as designer Amy Rose Szalkiewicz and all of the wonderful staff at Hay House.

To my literary agents , Jan Miller and Shannon Mizer-Marven, for their help and support.

To my sister, Toni Malliet, for her guidance and support. When I need her, she always comes through.

To Wanda Williams, for her dedication, help, and support.

Special thanks to my friend Arabella Grayson for her countless hours of insight and enduring support.

And finally, to the many individuals who have in their own special way contributed to the creation of this book: Sam Horn, Doug Smart, Suzanne Mohr, Bobbie Christmas, and Lisa Daniels.

About the Author

Known across corporate America for his energetic , innovative presentations, Keith D. Harrell is a dynamic life coach and motivational speaker. Harrell shares his powerful message, Attitude Is Everything with audiences around the world. While growing up in Seattle, Washington, he aspired to become a professional basketball player. Although he never realized that dream, an article in The Wall Street Journal referred to him as a Star with Attitude. . . . What sets him apart from less successful speakers is driving ambition , and an attitude that refuses to flag.

As president of Harrell Performance Systems, Harrell has created a firm specializing in helping the corporate marketplace achieve and maintain their goals through the power of a positive attitude. He is a certified speaker, trainer, and consultant and has addressed many of America s top corporations, including AT&T, Microsoft, and Kodak. Harrell counts Big Blue (IBM) and several other companies such as Coca-Cola among his repeat clients . His signature keynote address focuses on ways to meet the challenges of changing technology by understanding the power of human technology.

Harrell earned his bachelor s degree in community service from Seattle University before embarking on a 14-year career with IBM, where he was recognized as one of their top sales and training instructors. In 1997, he received Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association. In 2000, Harrell was inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, a lifetime award for speaking excellence and professionalism . And one of the country s leading lecture agencies has put him on its list of 22 Guaranteed Standing Ovations.

Please let Keith know how this book has helped you. Write to him at Harrell Performance Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 81268, Atlanta GA 30366; or visit his Website at:

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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