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SafeBufferedReader class
SafePrintWriter class
sameFile( ) methods
        URL class
        URLStreamHandler class
saveChanges( ) method (Message class)
schemes for authentication
search( ) methods (Folder class)
SearchTerm class
secret key encryption
secure communications
secure sockets
        client mode
        client sockets
                cipher suites
                connections refusal
                SSLSocket class
                SSLSocketFactory class
       code examples
                HTTPS client
        server sockets
                SSLServerSocket class
        applets and
        cookies and
        InetAddress class
        URLConnection class, considerations
select methods (Selector class)
select( ) method (Selector class)
SelectableChannel class
selectedKeys( ) methods
        SelectionKey class
        Selector class 2nd
SelectionKey class 2nd
selectNow( ) method (Selector class)
Selector class 2nd
        named bit constants
send( ) methods
        DatagramSocket class
        MulticastSocket class
                overloaded variant with TTL field
SenderThread class
sendUrgentData( ) method (Socket class)
server sockets
       code examples
                client tester
                daytime server
                HTTP redirector
                HTTP server that chunks out the same file
                JHTTP web server
                look for local ports
                random port
                thread pool for handling HTTP requests
                time server
        manual shutdown
                setPerformancePreferences( ) method
                SO_TIME OUT
                client tester
                HTTP servers
server-side programs
        communicating with
                reverse engineering
                server-side input processing
        header restrictions
        non-blocking I/O APIs
ServerSocket class
        accept( ) method 2nd
        accepting and closing connections
        close( ) method 2nd
                binding to a local IP address
                no-args constructor 2nd
        getInetAddress( ) method
        getLocalPort( ) method
        getSoTimeout( ) method
        getter methods
        implAccept( ) method
        implementation methods
        IOExceptions 2nd
        isBound( ) method
        object methods
        program lifecycle
                spawning of threads
        setPerformancePreferences( ) method
ServerSocketChannel class 2nd 3rd
        making a channel non-blocking
service providers (JavaMail API)
servlets, limitations of
Set-Cookie field
Set-Cookie2 HTTP header
setAddress( ) method (DatagramPacket class)
setAllowUserInteraction( ) method
setConnectTimeout( ) method (URLConnection class)
setContentHandlerFactory( ) method (URLConnection class)
setContentLanguage( ) method (MimePart interface)
setData( ) method (DatagramPacket class)
        overloaded variant
setDataHandler( ) method (Part interface)
setDefault( ) method (Authenticator class)
setDefaultAllowUserInteraction( ) method (URLConnection class)
setDescriptionMethod( ) (Part interface)
setDisposition( ) method (Part interface)
setDoInput( ) method
setDoOutput( ) method
setEnabledCipherSuites( ) methods
        SSLServerSocket class
        SSLSocket class
setEnableSessionCreation( ) method (SSLServerSocket class)
setFileName( ) method (Part interface)
setFlag( ) methods (Flags class)
setFlags( ) methods
        Flags class
        Message class
setFrom( ) methods
        InternetAddress class
        Message class
setHeader( ) method (Part interface)
setInterface( ) method (MulticastSocket class)
setKeepAlive( ) method (Socket class)
setLength( ) method (DatagramPacket class)
setLog( ) method (RemoteServer class)
setLoopback( ) method (MulticastSocket class)
setMessageNumber( ) method (Message class)
setNeedClientAuth( ) methods
        SSLServerSocket class
        SSLSocket class
setNetworkInterface( ) method (MulticastSocket class)
setOOBInLine( ) method (Socket class)
setPerformancePreferences( ) method (ServerSocket class)
setPort( ) method (DatagramPacket class)
setReadTimeout( ) method (URLConnection class)
setReceiveBufferSize( ) method (Socket class)
setRecipient( ) method (InternetAddress class)
setRecipients( ) method (Message class)
setReplyTo( ) method (Message class)
setRequestMethod( ) method (HttpURLConnection class)
setRequestProperty( ) method (URLConnection class) 2nd
setReuseAddress( ) method (Socket class)
setSendBufferSize( ) method (Socket class)
setSentDate( ) method (Message class)
setSocketAddress( ) method (DatagramPacket class)
setSoLinger( ) method (Socket class)
setSoTimeout( ) method (Socket class)
setSubscribed( ) method (Folder class)
setTcpNoDelay( ) method (Socket class)
setText( ) methods
        MimePart interface
        Part interface
setTimeToLive( ) method (MulticastSocket class)
setTrafficClass( ) methods
        DatagramSocket class
        Socket class
setURL( ) method (URLStreamHandler class)
setUseClientMode( ) method (SSLSocket class)
SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language)
shutdownInput( ) and shutdownOutput( ) methods (Socket class)
        main( ) method
        run( ) method
site-local addresses
site-wide multicast addresses
skip( ) method (InputStream class)
SO_BROADCAST option (DatagramSocket class)
SO_KEEPALIVE socket option
SO_LINGER socket option
SO_RCVBUF option (DatagramSocket class)
SO_RCVBUF server socket option
SO_RCVBUFsocket option
SO_REUSEADDR option (DatagramSocket class)
SO_REUSEADDR server socket option
SO_REUSEADDR socket option
SO_SNDBUF option (DatagramSocket class)
SO_SNDBUFsocket option
SO_TIME OUT server socket option
SO_TIMEOUT option (DatagramSocket class)
SO_TIMEOUTsocket option
Socket class
        close( ) method
                protected constructors 2nd
        getter and setter methods
        isBound( ) method
        isClosed( ) method
        isConnected( ) method
        isInputShutdown( ) and isOutputShutdown( ) methods
        methods for getting information
        noargs Socket( ) constructor
        object methods
        other Java classes, relation to
        sendUrgentData( ) method
        shutdownInput( ) and shutdownOutput( ) methods
SocketAddress class
SocketChannel class
        open ( ) method
        supported buffers
SocketException class
SocketImplFactory (ServerSocket class)
                ServerSockets as opposed to Sockets
       code examples
                command-line whois client
                daytime protocol client
                echo client
                getting a socket's information
                graphical Whois client interface
                Java command-line finger client
                port scanning the low 1024 ports
                socket closing port scanner
                time protocol client
                Whois class
        multicast sockets [See multicast sockets]
        secure sockets [See secure sockets]
        server sockets [See server sockets]
        UDP datagrams and
        unicast versus multicast
spaces, urlencoding of
special characters in URLs
SQLQuery( ) method
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
SSLServerSocket class
        getEnabledCipherSuites method
        getEnableSessionCreation( ) method
        getNeedClientAuth( ) method
        getSupportedCipherSuites( ) method
                client mode
        session management
        setEnabledCipherSuites method
        setEnableSessionCreation( ) method
        setNeedClientAuth( ) method
SSLSocket class
        getEnabledCipherSuites( ) method
        getEnableSessionCreation( ) method
        getNeedClientAuth( ) method
        getSession( ) method
        getSupportedCipherSuites( ) method
        getUseClientMode( ) method
        setEnabledCipherSuites( ) method
        setNeedClientAuth( ) method
        setUseClientModel( ) method
        startHandshake( ) method
SSLSocketFactory class
        createSocket( ) method
        getDefault( ) method
Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)
startHandshake( ) method (SSLSocket class)
streams 2nd
        buffered streams
        channels, compared to
       code examples
                SafeBufferedReader class
                SafePrintWriter class
        compressing streams
                included classes
        data buffering
        data streams
        digest streams
        encrypting streams
        filter streams
                chaining 2nd
        input streams
                marking and resetting
        output streams
        PrintStream class
                problems with
        PushbackInputStream class
        readers and writers
                ASCII code and
                BufferedReader and BufferedWriter classes
                character encoding and
                InputStreamReader class
                OutputStreamWriter class 2nd
                PrintWriter class
                Reader class
                SafePrintWriter class
                Writer class
subject: header information
subnet-wide multicast addresses
        AttributeSet interface
        Authenticator subclass
       code examples
                cookie class
                CookieHandler implemented on the Java Collections API
                Fibonacci sequence in HTML
                HyperlinkListener class
                including HTML in JLabels
                JEditorPane, displaying web pages with
                making the getParser( ) method public
        cookies [See cookies]
        HTML on components
        HTML, parsing
        HTML.Tag class
        HTMLEditorKit.Parser class
        JEditorPane [See JEditorPane class]
        MutableAttributeSet class
        ParserCallback class
symmetric key encryption
synchronized blocks
synchronized keywords
synchronized methods
synchronous input/output


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