19.7 Parsing a Document with DOM


Although DOM Level 2 doesn't specify an actual interface for parsing a document, most implementations provide a simple parsing interface that accepts a reference to an XML document file, stream, or URI. After this interface successfully parses and validates the document (if it is a validating parser), it generally provides a mechanism for getting a reference to the Document interface's instance for the parsed document. The following code fragment shows how to parse a document using the Apache Xerces XML DOM parser:

 // create a new parser DOMParser dp = new DOMParser( );       // parse the document and get the DOM Document interface dp.parse("http://www.w3.org/TR/2000/REC-xml-20001006.xml"); Document doc = dp.getDocument( ); 

DOM Level 3 adds standard mechanisms for loading XML documents and reserializing (saving) DOM trees as XML. JAXP also provides standardized approaches for these processes in Java, although JAXP and DOM Level 3 offer different approaches.

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