Chapter 5. Networking

Section 5.1.   Hacks #42-62

Hack  42.   War Driving for WiFi Access

Hack  43.   Test Your Security with Shields Up!

Hack  44.   Tweak DNS Settings for Faster Internet Access

Hack  45.   Fix Windows Media Player's Privacy Problems

Hack  46.   Protect Your Computer with the Internet Connection Firewall

Hack  47.   Use a Proxy Server to Protect Your PC

Hack  48.   ZoneAlarm: The World's Best Free Firewall

Hack  49.   Optimize Your Residential Gateway

Hack  50.   Punch an Escape Hole Through Your Firewall

Hack  51.   Close Down Open Ports and Block Protocols

Hack  52.   Troubleshooting Network Connections with ping, tracert, and pathping

Hack  53.   Troubleshooting Network Connections with netsh, netstat, and ipconfig

Hack  54.   Speed Up Network Browsing

Hack  55.   Extend the Range of Your Wireless Network

Hack  56.   Install NetBEUI for Better Peer-to-Peer Networking

Hack  57.   Check WiFi Network Performance with QCheck to Help Improve Throughput

Hack  58.   Control Another PC with Remote Access

Hack  59.   Make Servers Always Available by Mapping a Hostname to a Dynamic IP Address

Hack  60.   Renewing Your DHCP-Assigned IP Address

Hack  61.   Repair a Broken TCP/IP Connection

Hack  62.   Set Up a Virtual Private Network

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