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One of the pleasant things about finishing a book manuscript is that you finally get to write one of the easy parts: the acknowledgments. Or rather, one of the nontechnical parts. It's not easy to find the right words to thank everyone who helped make this a better book. We'll start with Loretta Yates, who first approached us with the idea of contributing a book in a new series. We also had great help from the rest of our editorial team, Songlin Qiu and George Nedeff at Que Publishing, as well as technical editor Dana Jones. Thanks also to the production team who took the hard work that all these people did and turned it into a physical book.

Of course, if any inaccuracies or flat-out mistakes made it into print, it's despite these fine people, not because of them. We've done our best to write the book that we think you want to read, and we thank you for buying a copy.

As always, Mike appreciates the forbearance of his family while he was writing yet another book. Dana managed to help run a household while pursuing her own business and tech editing my mistakes, not to mention growing a baby. Adam and Kayla continually rewarded me with smiles and hugs, when they weren't making me a better man by testing my patience. And Thomas had the sense to gestate until the last chapter was in manuscript form.

Susan would like to thank the Que folks for continuing to support great book projects and for continuing to call upon her to fulfill those projects. Most especially, Susan thanks her family for supporting her decision to work from home in her pajamas so she can grow young with her granddaughter.

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    Automating Microsoft Access with VBA
    Automating Microsoft Access with VBA
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