Chapter 16. Sharing Data


  • Export data to Excel and import Excel data into Access

  • Export and import to text files

  • Publish Access reports to Word

  • Use Word's mail-merge with your Access names and addresses to create several letters at once

  • Send Access data via email

  • Use AutoCorrect to help prevent typos

Access is much more than just a database. It's part of the best suite of computer software on the market. Access, Word, and Excel all work well together, which means data that's entered in one application can be used in another.

Most of the time, you'll find Excel or Word just a button click away. The OfficeLinks button on the Database toolbar offers three options:

  • Merge It with MS Word

  • Publish It with MS Word

  • Analyze It with MS Excel

But there's more. You can import data into Access, export data out of Access, or even link to data in other applications. In this chapter, we'll review the previously mentioned shortcuts and a few wizards that make sharing your Access data easy.



You can download the Chapter 16.mdb sample file for this chapter from If you want to follow along with our examples, download Chapter 15.mdb .

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