Chapter 2: An Introduction to Dreamweaver MX


Dreamweaver has long been the professional web developer's tool of choice for rapidly creating the user interface portion of a website. With Dreamweaver UltraDev, Dreamweaver provided tools and features that let the web developer interact with data tables as well as generate code targeted to specific web application servers. Now, with Dreamweaver MX, Macromedia has taken Dreamweaver to a new level, incorporating even better database tools, coding tools, and the ability to write and utilize code for several web application servers. Dreamweaver MX lets you create sites using HTML, XHTML, XML, ColdFusion, ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, and PHP. We'll cover the basics of Dreamweaver from a technical point of view in this chapter, taking you from a bit of Dreamweaver history to setting up your database connection and site management.

Mastering Dreamweaver MX Databases
Mastering Dreamweaver MX Databases
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