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Appendix A: MDX Function and Operator Reference

Figure A-1: Behavior of Ancestor ().
Figure A-2: Behavior of Ascendants ().
Figure A-3: member.Children.
Figure A-4: Cousin () function.
Figure A-5: Behavior of descendants () with SELF FLAG.
Figure A-6: Behavior of descendants () with AFTER flag.
Figure A-7: Behavior of descendants () with BEFORE flag.
Figure A-8: Behavior of descendants () with SELF_AND_AFTER flag.
Figure A-9: Behavior of descendants () with SELF_AND_BEFORE flag.
Figure A-10: Behavior of descendants () with BEFORE_AND_AFTER flags.
Figure A-11: Behavior of descendants () with SELF_BEFORE_AFTER flags.
Figure A-12: Behavior of Descendants () with LEAVES flag.
Figure A-13: DrillDownLevel ().
Figure A-14: DrillDownLevelBottom ().
Figure A-15: DrillDownLevelTop ().
Figure A-16: DrillDownMember ().
Figure A-17: DrillDownMemberBottom ().
Figure A-18: DrillDownMemberTop ().
Figure A-19: DrillUpLevel ().
Figure A-20: DrillUpMember ().
Figure A-21: .FirstChild and .LastChild.
Figure A-22: .FirstSibling and .LastSibling.
Figure A-23: Microsoft Implementation of IsGeneration ().
Figure A-24: .Lag () and .Lead ().
Figure A-25: Behavior of LastPeriods ().
Figure A-26a: Members selected by .Members operator.
Figure A-26b: Members selected by Level.Members
Figure A-27: OpeningPeriod () and ClosingPeriod ().
Figure A-28: Sample product hierarchy.
Figure A-29: Units shipped in hierarchy.
Figure A-30: Hierarchy preserved in ordering.
Figure A-31: Hierarchy preserved when ordering a set without parents.
Figure A-32: Hierarchy preserved when ordering a set with multiple dimensions.
Figure A-33: ParallelPeriod () operator.
Figure A-34: Behavior of .Parent.
Figure A-35: Behavior of PeriodsToDate ().
Figure A-36: NextMember and .PrevMember.
Figure A-37: Diagram of .Siblings.
Figure A-38: Results of VisualTotals () in AS 2005.
Figure A-39: Results of two VisualTotals () using same parent member.
Figure A-40: Sample results from VisualTotals ().

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