SyncML Interoperability Reference Pool


SyncML®: Synchronizing and Managing Your Mobile Data
By Uwe Hansmann, Riku Mettälä, Apratim Purakayastha, Peter Thompson, Phillipe Kahn
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Chapter 13.  Interoperability Verification

To provide companies with the ability to test with SyncML compliant Clients and Servers between SyncFests, SyncML has established the SyncML Interoperability Reference Pool (SIRP). The SIRP contains several SyncML compliant Clients and Servers. These devices are from companies that are committed to provide others with a way to test against SyncML compliant products.

The goal of the SIRP is to enable companies to be better prepared for testing during a SyncFest. It is not a replacement for a SyncFest, though it is possible to get the Interoperability Logo just by testing with the SIRP.

Manufacturers who already have devices in the SyncML Interoperability Reference Pool can use the SIRP to do interoperability testing. To do so, the vendor submits a request to the SIC to select a number of devices from the SIRP that the applicant needs to test with to show interoperability. The minimum number of devices needed for testing is five, and all must be from different companies (excluding the applicant's company).

To receive the logo, the vendor must run the complete selection of test cases defined by SIC against at least three of the devices selected by the SIC.

To gain access to these devices, most Client devices, such as mobile phones, can just be purchased. Server manufacturers usually provide the ability to synchronize with their Servers over the Internet and provide special accounts to companies conducting tests.


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