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Windows Vista Pocket Reference
By Preston Gralla
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: February 2007
Print ISBN-10: 0-596-52808-6
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-59-652808-9
Pages: 192

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    Chapter 1.  A Crash Course in the Basics
      Section 1.1.  What's New in Windows Vista
      Section 1.2.  Windows Vista Editions
      Section 1.3.  Hardware Requirements
      Section 1.4.  Windows System Performance Rating
      Section 1.5.  The Desktop
      Section 1.6.  Point-and-Click Operations
      Section 1.7.  Windows and Menus
      Section 1.8.  Files, Folders, and Disks
    Chapter 2.  Shortcuts
      Section 2.1.  Working with Files and Objects
      Section 2.2.  Starting Up Applications
      Section 2.3.  Keyboard Shortcuts
      Section 2.4.  Internet Explorer Hot Keys
      Section 2.5.  Windows Mail Hot Keys
    Chapter 3.  Windows Components, Features, and Settings
      Section 3.1.  The User Interface
      Section 3.2.  Filesystem, Drives, Data, and Search
      Section 3.3.  Internet Explorer and Windows Mail
      Section 3.4.  Networking, Wireless, and Mobility
      Section 3.5.  Security
      Section 3.6.  Hardware
      Section 3.7.  Managing Programs, Users, and Your Computer
      Section 3.8.  Performance and Troubleshooting
      Section 3.9.  Graphics and Multimedia
    Chapter 4.  Registry Tweaks
      Section 4.1.  Registry Editor Crash Course
      Section 4.2.  Registry Structure
      Section 4.3.  Value Types
      Section 4.4.  Registry Protection in Windows Vista
      Section 4.5.  Registry Tweaks
    Chapter 5.  The Command Prompt
      Section 5.1.  Wildcards, Pipes, and Redirection
      Section 5.2.  Command Prompt Commands

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