Chapter 09. Scorecards

Chapter 9. Scorecards

Many organizations are moving beyond managing their business by focusing completely on the bottom line to include a more balanced set of perspectives in their strategic management system. New management processes and books such as The Balanced Scorecard (Kaplan and Norton) are driving an increased interest in scorecard or dashboard applications to help achieve strategic goals.

In this chapter, we cover the tools needed to build an effective scorecard application, including the relevant SQL Server 2005 technologies as well as related tools such as Windows SharePoint Services and Office. We look at extending the cubes to provide more complex metrics required by the scorecard using some advanced Analysis Services features, including many-to-many relationships, perspectives, key performance indicators, and parent-child dimensions. We also look at building and publishing Reporting Services reports using the information in the cubes.

Practical Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005
Practical Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005
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