Business Problem

For this chapter, we return to the sporting goods manufacturing company one last time to show you how to add analytics to the complete Business Intelligence (BI) solution.

Problem Statement

Management needs to be able to determine what impact their decisions will have on overall profitability and customer satisfaction. In particular, the manufacturer wants to address the following issues:

  • Customer satisfaction levels are down because of problems with delivering goods on time. The consolidated data warehouse is an obvious source of information to help find out why this is occurring, but the users need a flexible analytical capability that is easy to use. They need to be able to discover the underlying reasons for the delivery issue, and then track the performance as they introduce improvements to the process.

  • The business has been tasked with improving profitability across all product lines and customers, and they need to be able to discover which types of customers and products are least profitable. Reports and queries against the data warehouse do not perform well enough to support these ad-hoc queries because of the huge data volumes.

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