This book owes a great deal to many people. RSS is blessed with an extremely passionate development community. To the citizens of the rss-dev, syndication, and Syndic8 lists and the lurkers of the rss-dev chatroom, I pay homage. I must make special notice, however, of a few key people. My deep thanks go to Bill Kearney, Kevin Hemenway, and Micah Dubinko for their technical reviewing genius. Not to forget Dave Winer, Jeff Barr, James Linden, DJ Adams, Rael Dornfest, Brent Simmons, Chris Croome, Kevin Burton, and Dan Brickley, and, closer to home, Andy Losowsky.

My editor, Simon St. Laurent, deserves as much thanks as he has shown patience: infinite.

But most of all, I thank my wife, Anna, who now knows more about angle brackets than she really quite expected when she married me.

Content Syndication with RSS
Content Syndication with RSS
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