Chapter 12: Troubleshooting Components


By now you have learned nearly everything you need to know to take the full benefit from components, both by using and creating them. However, you might have noticed an inconsistency: components enhance your projects in a nonhassle way, but making them is far from being simple and hassle-free. This chapter eases the development process of components by exploring a few of the well-known pitfalls. These drawbacks include preloading problems associated with components, the quirks and inconsistencies of Flash that could make your component creation process a nightmare, and more.

Also discussed is the topic of Flash 5 compatibility. Most components in Flash MX can be made as smart clips in Flash 5, although more work is involved. If you have enough patience to make Flash 5-compatible components, you will have an advantage, considering the extensive penetration of the Flash 5 player. Flash 5-compatible components can be made in Flash MX, with all the benefits of the MX authoring environment.

On the whole, this chapter attempts to reduce your all-night sessions of hair-pulling, eyegouging, debugging hysteria. Refer to this chapter for the small problems that break your component when you are absolutely certain that your code and design is flawless.

  • Preloading components

  • Building conscientious components

  • Common mistakes with MXP files

  • Reducing errors when creating components

  • Building components that are compatible with Flash 5

The Hidden Power of Flash Components
The Hidden Power of Flash Components
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