The Text Effect Component Set


Three text effect components are featured in this chapter: Flush, Spin, and Scramble. Each of the components are easy to use and provide impressive results. All three have been packaged into an MXP file to make them easier to work with, especially since they contain multiple effects. Go into the Chapter 7 folder on the CD and open the file TextEffectSet.mxp to install the components.

Once you install the component set, you will see all the components you have installed through the Extension Manager so far, as shown in Figure 7.1. The extension you just installed is named TextEffect Component Set, although more extensions may be listed, depending on what you have installed previously. The next time you open Flash, a new division in the Components panel is added under the name TextEffect-Set, as shown in Figure 7.2. From here you can either drag or double-click a component to add an instance to the stage.

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Figure 7.1: Components installed through the Extension Manager

Figure 7.2: Use the Components panel to add the text effects to your movie.

After you have dragged a few components to the stage, you will see the folder structure that has been created, as in Figure 7.3. One main folder contains the component movie clips, and a few subfolders hold the components' assets. The terrific thing about these components is that they require no alteration or external graphics, so in general you can leave all the component-related symbols alone.

Figure 7.3: Folder structure created by the components

The Hidden Power of Flash Components
The Hidden Power of Flash Components
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