List of Listings

Chapter 5: Interface Components

Listing 5.1: Leveraging the Function Call from the Drop Down Menu Component

Chapter 8: Video and Audio Components

Listing 8.1: Code for the Play Button
Listing 8.2: Code for the Stop Button
Listing 8.3: Code for the Pause Button

Chapter 10: Creating Components

Listing 10.1: Drawing a Square on the Stage
Listing 10.2: Calculating the Position, Dimension, and Color of the Square
Listing 10.3: Giving an Object Random, Fluid Movement
Listing 10.4: Detecting When a Certain Number of Frames Have Passed
Listing 10.5: Setting Up the Relationship between the Component's Code and the Component's Movie Clip
Listing 10.6: Constructor for ParticlesClass
Listing 10.7: Possible Event Handler for the Particles Component
Listing 10.8: Checking Whether a New Particle Should Be Created
Listing 10.9: Adding Another Particle to the System
Listing 10.10: Animating All Particles on the Stage
Listing 10.11: Methods to Stop and Start the Stream of Particles
Listing 10.12: Methods to Change Certain Parameters of the Component
Listing 10.13: Function Called When a Particle Is Removed from the Stage

Chapter 11: Component Extras

Listing 11.1: The onLoad Event for the UI
Listing 11.2: Updating the xch Object Values with the User's Values
Listing 11.3: Determining Whether a Variable Is a Number

Chapter 12: Troubleshooting Components

Listing 12.1: Using the | and ^ Operators to Add and Remove Modes to the Component
Listing 12.2: Using the & Operator to Test Whether a Mode Is Active
Listing 12.3: Creating Properties in the Component's Class for All of the Component's Parameters
Listing 12.4: Using a Movie Clip's onClipEvent Actions to Fire the Events of the Component
Listing 12.5: Functions to Handle ActionScript-Related Functionality That You Have Given to the User

The Hidden Power of Flash Components
The Hidden Power of Flash Components
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