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PacketSize property  
Parameter class   2nd  
Parameter objects   2nd  
       for return values  
ParameterDirection enumeration  
parameterized commands  
       benefits of  
parameterized queries, using to retrieve data from data source  
parameters   2nd   [See also input parameters; output parameters]
Parameters collection   2nd  
       executing stored procedures and  
       retrieving parameters from   2nd  
Parameters property   2nd  
parent rows  
       ForeignKeyConstraint and  
ParentRelations collection  
ParentTableNameRow( ) method  
parse event  
pattern matching  
percent sign (%), in pattern matching  
       CommandBehavior enumeration, benefits of  
       connection pooling and  
       DataReaders, benefits of  
       multiple result sets, benefits of  
       parameterized commands and  
       referential integrity and  
       rows and  
       types accessors, drawbacks of  
performance counters  
PostionChanged event  
Prefix property
       DataColumn class  
       DataSet class  
       DataTable class  
Prepare( ) method  
primary key  
       referential integrity and  
PrimaryKey collection  
PrimaryKey property  
       C#/Visual Basic and  
       for Connection objects  
       special index for  
properties reference
       Command class  
       CommandBuilder class  
       Connection class  
       Constraint class  
       DataAdapter class   2nd  
       DataColumn class  
       DataReader class  
       DataRelation class  
       DataRow class  
       DataSet class  
       DataTable class  
       DataView class  
       Parameter class  
       Transaction class  
PropertyAttributes enumeration  
PropertyCollection class  
Proposed row version  

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