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OCI (Oracle Call Interface)  
ODBC .NET provider   2nd  
       connection pooling and  
       connection strings and  
       recommendations for selecting  
ODP.NET provider  
OLE DB .NET provider   2nd  
       connection pooling and  
       connection strings and  
       parameterized queries and  
       recommendations for selecting  
       schema tables, retrieving with  
OleDbConnection class  
OleDbDataAdapter class  
OleDbDataReader class  
OleDbError class  
OleDbErrorCollection class  
OleDbException class  
OleDbInfoMessageEventArgs class  
OleDbInfoMessageEventHandler delegate  
OleDbLiteral enumeration  
OleDbParameter class  
OleDbParameterCollection class  
OleDbPermission class  
OleDbPermissionAttribute class  
OleDbRowUpdatedEventArgs class  
OleDbRowUpdatedEventHandler delegate  
OleDbRowUpdatingEventArgs class  
OleDbRowUpdatingEventHandler delegate  
OleDbSchemaGuid class  
OleDbTransaction class  
OleDbType enumeration  
Open( ) method, for connections  
Oracle .NET provider   2nd  
       connection pooling and   2nd  
       connection strings and  
Oracle Call Interface (OCI)  
Ordinal property  
Original row version  
OSQL utility  
output parameters  
       stored procedures and  
       using to retrieve updated values from data source  

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