SqlErrorCollection serializable

SqlErrorCollection serializable

System.Data.SqlClient (system.data.dll) sealed class

Contains a collection of SqlError instances, which are stored in the collection accessed by the SqlException.Errors property to indicate all the errors that have occurred with the SQL Server provider. This collection always contains at least one SqlError object.

 public sealed class  SqlErrorCollection  : ICollection, IEnumerable {  // Public Instance Properties  public int  Count  {get; }  // implements ICollection  public SqlError  this[int    index    ]  {get; }  // Public Instance Methods  public void  CopyTo  ( Array   array   , int   index   );  // implements ICollection  public IEnumerator  GetEnumerator  (  );  // implements IEnumerable  } 

Returned By

SqlException.Errors , SqlInfoMessageEventArgs.Errors

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