DataViewRowState serializable, flag

DataViewRowState serializable, flag

System.Data ( enum

This enumeration is similar to the DataRowState enumeration, but it is used with the DataView.RowStateFilter property to select the versions of rows that are displayed in a DataView . By default, the current version of the data is shown, and the DataView.RowStateFilter is set to CurrentRows . Alternatively, you can display only rows that have been deleted, added, modified, or unchanged. You can even use a bitwise combination of Data-ViewRowState values to show several versions of rows.

 public enum  DataViewRowState  {  None = 0x00000000  ,  Unchanged = 0x00000002  ,  Added = 0x00000004  ,  Deleted = 0x00000008  ,  ModifiedCurrent = 0x00000010  ,  CurrentRows = 0x00000016  ,  ModifiedOriginal = 0x00000020  ,  OriginalRows = 0x0000002A  } 


System.Object figs/u2192.gif System.ValueType figs/u2192.gif System.Enum(System.IComparable, System.IFormattable , System.IConvertible) figs/u2192.gif DataViewRowState

Returned By

DataView.RowStateFilter , DataViewSetting.RowStateFilter

Passed To

DataTable.Select( ) , DataView.{DataView( ) , RowStateFilter} , DataViewSetting.RowStateFilter

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