22.5 Events Reference


 MergeFailedEventHandler MergeFailed; 

The MergeFailed event is raised during a Merge( ) operation when the target table and source table contain a column with the same name but differing data types or when the source and target tables have primary keys defined on different columns .


The following code demonstrates how to handle the MergeFailed event:

 DataSet ds = new DataSet(); ds.MergeFailed += new MergeFailedEventHandler(ds_MergeFailed); private void ds_MergeFailed(object sender, MergeFailedEventArgs e) {     MessageBox.Show("Failure in table: " + e.Table + Environment.NewLine +         "Conflict = " + e.Conflict); } 


The event handler receives an argument of type MergeFailedEventArgs containing properties that provide specific information about the event as described in Table 22-17.

Table 22-17. MergeFailedEventArgs properties




Gets the description of the merge conflict.


Gets the DataTable object.

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