Section 68. Fly to a Location

68. Fly to a Location


Navigate Through Google Earth

Find Local Information with Google Earth

You don't need wings to fly. As you'll see in this task, you can fly from place to place in seconds with Google Earth. You are able to view satellite photos of any place on Earth by clicking the location on a globe, and you then take a virtual flight to get there. After you are at your destination, you can view the map and navigate through it.

Fly to a Location

Click the Fly To Button

When you first launch Google Earth, you should already be in the Fly To area, but if you're not, click the Fly To button in the upper-left corner of the Google Earth screen.


Google Earth requires a lot of computing power, and if you don't have a relatively new and powerful computer, it is extremely sluggish. You are best off if you use Windows XP; have a computer that runs at 2.4GHz or better and has at least 512MB of RAM, 2GB of hard disk space, and a 3D graphics card; and a screen with a resolution of at least 1280x1024 at 32-bit color.

Type a Location

In the input text box just under the Fly To button, type a location. You can type an exact address, such as 51 Main Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, or you can type a city or a country, such as London, England. After you type the location you want to view, press Enter or click the Search button. You can also type the exact longitude and latitude coordinates (you don't have to enter the superscripted degree sign °). Or you can enter the intersection of two streets, a ZIP Code, or any other location-identifying string of characters. Searching by street address works only in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

After you type the desired location, Google Earth "flies" you to that location by moving the Earth in 3D animation, and then zooming in on the location.


To get back to the initial view of the globe, type globe into the search box and press Enter or simple drag the Zoom slider down to zoom back out. If you've already typed in the search box the destination to which you want to return, click the down arrow next to the search box, choose the destination, and press Enter.

Type a Tourist Destination

Type a tourist destination, for example, White House or Great Wall of China, and you immediately zoom to that destination.

Print a Location

To print an image of the location you're viewing, choose File, Print from the menu bar. A dialog box appears, with options for Quick Print and Medium (1000 pixels). The Quick Print option prints a low-resolution picture, and the Medium option prints a higher-resolution picture. (If you want to print high-resolution photos, you have to buy Google Earth Plus or Google Earth Pro.)


Not all locations you travel to have high-resolution maps. Some parts of the world only have low-resolution maps, so they are blurry and cannot be zoomed into.

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