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Google™ Search and Tools in a Snap
By Preston Gralla
Publisher: Sams
Pub Date: April 04, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-672-32869-0
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32869-5
Pages: 360

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    Part I:  Find Anything with Google
      Chapter 1.  Start Here
      Why Use Google?
      How Google Works
      Why Use Google Tools?
      How to Download and Install Google Tools
      Sign Up and Manage Your Google Account
      Google and Your Privacy
      A Quick Tour of Google
      Chapter 2.  Searching with Google
      Section 1.  Perform a Basic Google Search
      Section 2.  About Interpreting Google Results
      Section 3.  Browse Through Search Results
      Section 4.  Refine Your Search
      Section 5.  Perform an Advanced Google Search
      Section 6.  About Google Search Operators
      Section 7.  About Power Searching Strategies
      Chapter 3.  Finding Pictures with Google Images
      Section 8.  About Finding Images with Image Search
      Section 9.  Browse Through Image Search Results
      Section 10.  Use the Image Viewer Interface
      Section 11.  Perform an Advanced Image Search
      Section 12.  About Images and Copyright Law
      Section 13.  Use an Image As Your Desktop Wallpaper
      Chapter 4.  Searching Discussion Boards with Google Groups
      Section 14.  Browse Through Google Groups
      Section 15.  Search Through Google Groups
      Section 16.  About Tracking Your Favorite Topics
      Section 17.  Participate in Google Group Discussions
      Section 18.  Subscribe to Google Groups
      Section 19.  Create Google Groups Alerts
      Section 20.  Create Your Own Google Group
      Chapter 5.  Specialized Google Searching
      Section 21.  Find People with Google
      Section 22.  Find Health Information with Google
      Section 23.  Get Technical Support with Google
      Section 24.  About Getting Travel Information with Google
      Section 25.  About Google's Search-by-Number Feature
      Section 26.  Get the News with Google News
      Section 27.  Search Through Blogs with Google
      Section 28.  Search Books with Google Book Search
      Section 29.  Find Online Bargains with Froogle
      Section 30.  About Translating Web Pages with Google
      Section 31.  About Searching Google with Your Cell Phone
      Section 32.  Search Through TV Shows with Google Video
      Section 33.  About Other Google Specialized Searches
    Part II:  Unleash the Power of Google's Special Tools
      Chapter 6.  Searching Your Computer with Google Desktop
      Section 34.  Search Your PC with Google Desktop
      Section 35.  Browse Search Results
      Section 36.  Use and Customize the Sidebar
      Section 37.  Browse and Search with the Timeline
      Section 38.  Search Outlook with Google Desktop
      Section 39.  Set Indexing and Desktop Preferences
      Section 40.  About Advanced Desktop Searching
      Chapter 7.  Getting Maps and Directions with Google Local
      Section 41.  Map a Location
      Section 42.  Navigate Through Google Local
      Section 43.  Find Local Information with Google Local
      Section 44.  Get Directions to Anywhere with Google Local
      Section 45.  About Satellite Photos
      Chapter 8.  Create Your Own Google Home Page
      Section 46.  About Google Personalized Home
      Section 47.  Add News and Information to Google Personalized Home
      Section 48.  Add Bookmarks and Your Search History to Google Personalized Home
      Section 49.  Add RSS Feeds to Google Personalized Home
      Section 50.  Reorganize Google Personalized Home
      Chapter 9.  Googling Anywhere with the Google Toolbar
      Section 51.  Use the Google Toolbar to Search from Anywhere
      Section 52.  Block Pop-ups with the Pop-up Blocker
      Section 53.  Fill out Web Forms with AutoFill
      Section 54.  Dig Deeper on Any Web Page with AutoLink
      Section 55.  About PageRank
      Section 56.  Customize the Google Toolbar
      Chapter 10.  Using Gmail, the Best Email on Earth
      Section 57.  Set Up a Gmail Account
      Section 58.  Compose and Send Mail
      Section 59.  Read Mail and Attachments
      Section 60.  Search Through Your Mail
      Section 61.  Build an Address Book
      Section 62.  Manage Your Mail with Labels and Filters
      Section 63.  Use Gmail with Your Own Email Program
      Section 64.  Get Mail Notifications with Gmail Notifier
      Section 65.  About Gmail and Spam
      Section 66.  Customize Gmail
      Section 67.  About Gmail and Privacy
      Chapter 11.  Discovering the World with Google Earth
      Section 68.  Fly to a Location
      Section 69.  Navigate Through Google Earth
      Section 70.  Find Local Information with Google Earth
      Section 71.  Use Google Earth to Get Directions
      Section 72.  About Customizing Your View by Adding and Removing Layers
      Section 73.  Save Your Favorite Locations
      Section 74.  Change Google Earth Options
      Section 75.  About Google Earth Plus and Google Earth Pro
      Chapter 12.  Creating Your Own Blog with Google's Blogger
      Section 76.  Create a Blogger Account
      Section 77.  Create a Blog Entry
      Section 78.  Create a Blogger Profile
      Section 79.  Customize Your Blog Settings
      Section 80.  Change Your Blog Template
      Section 81.  Create a Site Feed
      Section 82.  Power Up Your Blogging with Blogger Add-ins
      Section 83.  About Advanced Blogger Features
      Chapter 13.  Reading News, Blogs, and More with Google Reader
      Section 84.  About Google Reader and RSS Feeds
      Section 85.  Subscribe to Feeds
      Section 86.  Read Your Feeds
      Section 87.  Sort Your Feeds
      Section 88.  Manage Your Subscriptions
      Chapter 14.  Managing and Sharing Pictures with Google's Picasa
      Section 89.  Organize Your Pictures
      Section 90.  Touch up Photographs
      Section 91.  Add Visual Effects and Captions
      Section 92.  About Advanced Editing Tools
      Section 93.  Share Pictures with Email
      Section 94.  Create Slideshows
      Section 95.  Print and Order Photos
      Section 96.  Burn Photo CDs and DVDs
      Section 97.  Make Posters and Collages
      Section 98.  Create Screensavers and Windows Wallpaper
      Chapter 15.  Chatting and Talking with Google Talk
      Section 99.  Create a Google Talk Account
      Section 100.  Add a Friend to Your Contacts
      Section 101.  Send and Receive Instant Messages
      Section 102.  Voice Chat with Others
      Section 103.  Set Your Message Status
      Section 104.  Protect Your Privacy
      Section 105.  About Browsing and Reading Gmail from Google Talk
      Section 106.  Set Google Talk Options
    Appendix A.  Google Tools and Services
      Google Search Operators
      Searching Strategies
      Search by Numbers Feature
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Google Search and Tools in a Snap
Google Search and Tools in a Snap
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