Section 3. Browse Through Search Results

3. Browse Through Search Results



About Interpreting Google Results

Perform a Basic Google Search

After you've typed your search term into the Google search box and received your search results, it's time to get to the good stuffgoing through the actual results, the links to web pages that hopefully discuss the topic in which you're interested, as you'll learn how to do in this task.[click here]

Browse Through Search Results

Scroll Through the Results

Use the scrollbar on the right side of the page to scroll through the results. Read the description of each page as you scroll.

Visit a Page

When you find a page whose title or description interests you, click its link. You are sent to the actual page on the Web.


When you do a search on Google, it ignores certain common words, as well as digits and single letters. These are all called stop words. Stop words include the, be, from, and about, among others.

Key Term

Stop word A common word that Google ignores when it does a search, such as the, be, or from.

Return to Google

When you're done viewing a web page, click your browser's Back button as many times as you need to get back to your Google results page. As a shortcut, you can click the down arrow next to the Back button to see the most recent pages you've visited. Select the Google Search page to return to your results.

If you elected to open the search results in a new window, you must juggle the windows (that is, switch back to the results window, whether or not you close the viewing window).

View Similar Pages

A good way to zero in on search results is to find a page that is relevant to your search, and then find pages most similar to that page. So when you find a page with useful information, click the Similar pages link next to it; you should get a list of pages that will help narrow down your search. In the example, I clicked the Similar pages link next to the JOHN LENNON DREAMSITE: HOMEPAGE search result and was shown links to several more pages that related to my search term.

Go to More Search Results

At the bottom of the search results page is the navigation area for your search results. Click Next to get to the next page of results. Click Back to get to the previous page. You can also jump ahead several pages in the results (or go to a specific results page you might remember) by clicking a page number. If you've looked through many pages of search results, you can return to the first page of the results by clicking 1.

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