Application Programming Interface - a description of the interface, usually presented in terms of the callable functions (or methods ) and their parameters, used to program a particular application.

Application Server

A server used in a multi- tier architecture to process programs, typically implementing the business logic functionality of an application.


Binary Large Objects - a database type that allows large binary files to be managed as fields of a database. Usually used for video, audio, or program files.


Common Gateway Interface - an API used by programmers to invoke other applications (such as databases) from a web server.


Domain Name Service - the standard hostname directory service on the Internet.


An Intranet that includes external organizations or individuals such as suppliers or customers.

Internet Time

The notion of Internet time, also referred to as dog- years on the Internet, was popularized by Marc Andreesen and the early developers of Netscape's first web browser. To meet competitive pressures, Netscape's developers were forced to work schedules that were at least seven times more compressed than regular schedules.


An information system internal to an enterprise that follows the Internet web based metaphor. Intranets are most commonly used for distributing internal manuals, procedures, and other online documents; for distributing web-centric applications; and for enterprise-wide office applications such as electronic mail, calendar, and workflow.

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