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Safari browser (Apple), performance testing of
scalability tests, JUnitPerf
server-side code (Java), unit testing
set methods , not testing
setAccessible( ) 2nd
setControlParser( )
SetUp attribute
setUp( ) 2nd
        AddBookViewTest class (example)
        BookTest test fixture
        initializing objects shared by test methods
        Library class (example)
        PyUnit test fixtures
        TestFixture class
show( ) (JFrame)
similar( ) (Diff)
single condition tests
        JUnit test methods
SmalltalkUnit [See SUnit]
smart objects 2nd [See also view objects, GUI]
        Add Book dialog for creating a Book
        AddBook [See AddBook class]
        interaction with humble dialog
        keeping important functionality in
        view object for
software development
        contribution by unit test frameworks
        TDD as part of design process
SourceLine class
Standard Template Library (STL)
strings (XML), comparing with Diff class
structural tests
suite( )
        BookTest class (example)
        creating a TestSuite in PyUnit
        replacing with helper macros in CppUnit
        TestSuite class
SUnit (SmalltalkUnit) 2nd
Swing GUI toolkit
        JFrame class
        TestRunner class 2nd
SynchronizedObject class 2nd


Unit Test Frameworks
Unit Test Frameworks
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