The following scenarios and questions are designed to draw together the content of the chapter and to exercise your understanding of the concepts. There is not necessarily a right answer. The thought process and practice in manipulating the concepts is the goal of this section. The answers to the scenario questions are found at the end of this chapter.

Scenario 5-1

Mental Merge, a company with many ideas but no bandwidth with which to develop or communicate them, is in need of a routed solution. Using the addressing scheme provided in Scenario Solution 3-1 in Chapter 3, "Designing IP Networks," it is now necessary to implement routing.

Using the network in Figure 5-1, answer the following questions.

Figure 5-1. The Mental Merge Company Network for Scenario 5-1



Using appropriate addressing and in reference to Figure 5-1, state where the routers should be placed.


The administrator has decided that a link-state routing protocol is the best solution for this network design. Justify this choice, explaining which characteristics of the link-state routing protocol would benefit this network.


The administrator must create an implementation plan for the team. List the IP routing protocol requirements for every router that might be used as a checklist for the installation staff.


The links between the various sites are leased lines with a backup link using a dialup line. Should the administrator be aware of any considerations?

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