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capcity planning, OSPF  
case studies
       VLSM   2nd  
CBWFQ (class-based weighted fair queuing)  
       of Layer 3 addresses  
       OSPF configurations on a single router  
               show ip ospf database  
               show ip ospf interface   2nd  
               show ip ospf neighbor   2nd  
               show ip protocols   2nd  
               show ip route  
       OSPF configurations on multiarea networks  
       advantages of   2nd  
       BGP overview   2nd  
       definition of  
       example of   2nd   3rd  
       example of use in case study  
       IP addressing and the Internet   2nd  
CIDR (classless interdomain routing)  
Cisco routers
       routing/switching relationships  
Cisco-specific NBMA configurations  
class-based weighted fair queuing (CBWFQ)  
       IP addresses  
classful IP routing protocols  
classful routing  
classful routing protocol  
classful routing protocols   2nd  
classless interdomain routing   [See CIDR]
classless routing protocols   2nd   3rd  
CLNP (Connectionless Network Protocol)  
CLNS (Connectionless Network Service)  
       router reflector meshing  
CLV (Code/Length/Value)  
       area area-id stub  
       area area-id stub no-summary  
       area default-cost  
       area range  
       area virtual-link  
       auto-cost reference-bandwidth   2nd  
       bandwidth   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
       clns routing  
               BGP   2nd  
       configuring EIGRP
               optional commands   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
               required commands   2nd   3rd  
       cost   2nd  
       debug   2nd   3rd  
       debug commands for EIGRP  
       debug IP OSPF adjacency  
       debug ip ospf adjacency  
       default metric  
       distance   2nd  
       distribute-list in  
       distribute-list out  
       EIGRP configuration  
       fair-queue x y z interface configuration  
       for configuring OSPF on internal routers  
       for monitoring policy routing  
       for tuning BGP-4  
       frame-relay map clns  
       internal routers
               configuring OSPF  
       ip classless  
       ip hello-interval eigrp  
       ip hold-timer EIGRP  
       ip ospf cost   2nd  
       ip ospf network   2nd  
       ip ospf network non-broadcast  
       ip ospf network point-to-multipoint non-broadcast  
       ip route  
       ip unnumbered  
       multiarea OSPF networks   2nd  
       neighbor   2nd  
       network   2nd  
       network commands   [See network commands]
       no ip address  
       no ip classless  
       ODR configuration  
       ospf auto-cost  
       ospf auto-cost reference-bandwidth  
       ospf auto-cost reference-bandwidth router global configuration  
       ospf neighbor  
       OSPF network command  
       priority   2nd   3rd   4th  
       redistribute connected subnets  
       router ospf process number   2nd  
       set   2nd  
               Integrated IS-IS  
       show clns interface   2nd   3rd  
       show clns neighbor  
       show clns neighbors   2nd   3rd   4th  
       show clns neighbors detail  
       show interface  
       show ip bgp   2nd   3rd  
       show ip eigrp neighbors   2nd   3rd  
       show ip eigrp topology   2nd   3rd   4th  
       show ip eigrp topology all  
       show ip eigrp traffic   2nd   3rd  
       show ip ospf   2nd   3rd   4th  
       show ip ospf border-routers  
       show ip ospf database   2nd   3rd  
       show ip ospf interface   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
       show IP OSPF neighbor  
       show ip ospf neighbor   2nd  
       show ip prefix-list  
       show ip protocols   2nd  
       show IP route  
       show ip route  
       show ip route eigrp  
       show isis database   2nd  
       show isis database detail   2nd   3rd  
       show isis spf-log   2nd  
       show memory free  
       show processes cpu  
       show running-config  
       variance   2nd   3rd   4th  
communications with autonomous systems
       BGP   2nd  
complete sequence number packet (CSNP)  
       EIGRP   2nd  
composite metrics
       ABRs   2nd  
               IPv6 multicast addresses  
               managing   2nd  
               BGP   2nd  
               multiarea OSPF networks   2nd  
       default static routes  
       designated routers  
       EIGRP   2nd  
       floating static routes  
       Integrated IS-IS   2nd   3rd  
               NMBA   2nd  
               routing level   2nd  
               summarization   2nd  
       neighbor tables  
       ODR   2nd  
       OSPF   2nd   3rd  
               broadcast mode  
               Frame Relay   2nd  
               in NBMA mode  
               in point-to-point mode on a Frame Relay subinterface  
               NBMA   2nd  
               on a single router  
               on internal routers  
               options   2nd   3rd  
               point-to-multipoint mode   2nd  
               single routers   2nd  
               troubleshooting   2nd   3rd   4th  
       prefix lists  
       route reflectors  
       router ID  
       routing tables  
       static routes  
       topology tables  
       monitoring   2nd  
       working configurations  
       administrative distance  
       bandwidth over NBMA clouds  
       configuration syntax   2nd  
       default metrics  
               optional commands   2nd   3rd  
               required commands   2nd  
               requrired commands  
       Integrated IS-IS
               routing level  
               in point-to-multipoint mode  
       OSPF on internal routers
               options for  
       virtual links  
               iBGP   2nd  
       BGP   2nd  
               CIDR   2nd  
               controlling traffic   2nd  
               Internet   2nd  
               overview of   2nd  
               policy-based routing   2nd  
               selection process   2nd  
       layer design  
       NAT   2nd  
       remote devices  
       stub areas  
       neighbor tables  
       BGP-4 traffic  
       terminal access  
       EIGRP   2nd  
       RIP to EIGRP  
Core layer   2nd  
cost   2nd  
counting to infinity   2nd  
       prefix lists  
CSNP (complete sequence number packet)   2nd  
custom queuing  


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