Language Selector

Depending on the element, the Designer client gives you a choice of languages in the Programmer's pane. A dropdown list allows you to select between available languages including Simple Actions, Formula, LotusScript, JavaScript, and Java.

When building an application, you'll find that in some cases it's easier to write some code in Formula Language and other code in LotusScript. Using the Language Selector gives you flexibility in how you design the application. Some developers prefer using Formulas; others prefer LotusScript or JavaScript.

It's important to note that the Language Selector list will change based on the element being edited. The Designer client will only display languages that are applicable for the selected design element.


Be careful when changing the programming language. Changing the language after you've added code to a particular element can result in the code being deleted! If the object already contains code, Designer will display a warning message that gives you the option to continue or cancel the change.

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