The installation of SBS 2003 from the SP1 integrated media is not significantly different from the original installation process. Outside inserting more CDs (if the DVD is not used), those who have done several SBS 2003 installations will not find many changes with this media. Those who have not done an SBS installation previously will find the process described in this chapter.

In addition, this chapter covers some basic guidelines for using the setup log files to troubleshoot installation problems. The log files are stored in three main log folders, and the Exchange installation log is stored in the root of C: just like every other Exchange installation. The two main setup log files, eventlog.txt and errorlog.txt, contain the bulk of the setup information needed to identify where problems occurred. The chapter also covered the use of the err.exe tool to translate Microsoft error codes from the log files.

The bottom line for server installation is that getting it right the first time is still critical for the long-term health of an SBS server. Even though the setup process is familiar to those who currently support SBS, going through a few test installs with the new slipstreamed media is still recommended prior to a production deployment.

Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Unleashed
Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Unleashed
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