Section 6. Insert Pages

6. Insert Pages

Before You Begin

1 Create a PDF in Acrobat

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10 Renumber Pages

It is not at all uncommon for a PDF file to consist of pages from several different source documents. For example, you may need to create a PDF report that contains two different Word documents, an Excel spreadsheet and multiple design documents created in Illustrator or Photoshop. Acrobat allows you to insert pages from as many different documents as you like into a single PDF file. However, Acrobat will only let you insert pages from other PDF files, so you will need to convert all of your source documents into PDFs before you start inserting pages. Also, the Insert Pages command inserts all pages from the source file. You will then need to delete any unwanted pages, as well as moving, rotating or cropping pages as needed.


Cropping The process of trimming away unwanted areas around the perimeter of a page or a selected portion of a page.

When working with pages, it is helpful to open the Pages panel of the navigation pane by clicking on the Pages tab on the left side of the document window. The Pages panel displays small thumbnail versions of every page in the document. Clicking on any page in the Pages panel displays that page in the document pane.

Choose a Source Document

From the Document menu, select the Insert Pages command. In the Select File to Insert dialog box, locate and open the PDF file that contains the pages you want to insert.

Specify an Insertion Point

When you open the PDF file that contains the pages you want to insert, Acrobat presents the Insert Pages dialog box, where you can specify where in the existing PDF you want the incoming pages inserted. From the drop-down Location list, select either Before or After (to specify whether you want the incoming pages placed before or after the page in the existing document that you are about to choose); then in the Page section of the dialog box, select First Page or Last Page , or enter a specific page number. Click the OK button and Acrobat inserts all the pages from the source file into the current document at the location you specified.

View the Results


If you have two PDF files open simultaneously , you can insert just the pages you want by dragging them from one document to the other. First, tile the two document windows by clicking the Window menu, selecting Tile , and selecting either Vertically or Horizontally . Open the Pages panel in each window by clicking the Pages tab in the Navigation pane of each window, and then simply drag the desired pages from the Pages panel of the source file to the Pages panel of the destination file. To move multiple pages from one Pages panel to the other, hold down the Ctrl key and click the thumbnails of the pages to be moved. Release the Ctrl key and then drag the pages to the Pages panel of the destination file.

Press the Page Down key or click the Next Page button at the bottom of the document window to view your modified document with both the old pages and the new pages from the specified PDF file inserted in the correct location.

Delete or Move Pages

Click the Pages tab on the left side of the document window to open the Pages panel, which displays all the pages in a document. Delete any unnecessary pages by selecting them and pressing the Delete or Backspace key. Rearrange pages by clicking and dragging them to a new location within the Pages panel. An insertion line appears as you drag to let you know where the pages will appear when you release the mouse button.

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