Tools for Managing SAS Catalogs

There are several SAS features to help you manage the entries in catalogs. The CATALOG procedure and the CEXIST function are two features of Base SAS software. Another tool is SAS Explorer, which enables you to view the contents of SAS catalogs. Many interactive windowing procedures contain a catalog directory window for managing entries. The following list summarizes the tools that are available for managing catalogs:

CATALOG procedure

is similar to the DATASETS procedure. Use the CATALOG procedure to copy, delete, list, and rename entries in catalogs.

CEXIST function

enables you to verify the existence of a SAS catalog or catalog entry. See the CEXIST function in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary for more information.

CATALOG window

is a window that you can access at any time in an interactive windowing environment. It displays the name , type, description, and date of last update for each entry in the specified catalog. CATALOG window commands enable you to edit catalog entries. You can also view and edit catalog entries after double-clicking on a catalog file in SAS Explorer.

catalog directory windows

are available in some procedures in SAS/AF, SAS/FSP, and SAS/GRAPH software. A catalog directory window lists the same kind of information that the CATALOG window provides: entry name, type, description, and date of last update. See the description of each interactive windowing procedure for details about the catalog directory window for that procedure.

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