Chapter 24: Using DATA Step Component Objects


SAS provides two predefined component objects for use in a DATA step: the hash object and the hash iterator object. These objects enable you to quickly and efficiently store, search, and retrieve data based on lookup keys. The hash object keys and data are DATA step variables . Key and data values can be directly assigned constant values or values from a SAS data set.

The DATA step Component Interface enables you to create and manipulate these component objects using statements, attributes, and methods. You use the DATA step object dot notation to access the component object's attributes and methods. For detailed information about dot notation and the DATA step objects' statements, attributes, and methods, see "DATA Step Object Attributes and Methods " in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary .


The hash and hash iterator object attributes and methods are limited to those defined for these objects. You cannot use the SAS Component Language functionality with these predefined DATA step objects.

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