Graphical User Interface

The following features are new in the SAS main window:

  • The Universal Printing commands are available from the File menu when you specify the UPRINTMENUSWITCH system option. See Introduction to Printing in SAS within the Windows Environment on page 166.

  • More windowing environment workspace is available by minimizing the docking view. See Minimizing and Restoring the Docking View on page 36.

  • A maximum of 20 customized help files can be added to the Help menu. See Adding Help to the Help Menu on page 64.

  • The Print and Copy toolbar buttons are always enabled if they are commands in a customized toolbar. See Customizing and Saving a Toolbar for Use with a Particular Application or Window on page 70.

  • To print line numbers, page numbers, and to print in color , select the Options button in the Print dialog box. See Printing Line Numbers, Page Numbers , and in Color on page 173.

  • The About SAS System dialog box includes information about SAS version and the Windows operating environment that you are currently using. See Getting Help from the Help Menu on page 73.

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